Girl With Flower
Example of simulating traditional media digitally in Adobe Photoshop
Truth and Beauty
Later! :D
The Raven
Later ;)
Personal Studies in Digital Painting Methods, Part 2
Exploring methods with Clone Stamp painting in Adobe Photoshop. These are personal works using mostly stock images (base image, texture, and stamp shapes), with no directed or obvious ethic other than the technique itself. In my previous work on this topic, there was an intent to mimic traditional media in a period style, but the methods are largely the same. Without trying to sound cynical, I really enjoy this technique because it gives me the illusion of being able to paint. It's kind of like a custom color-by-numbers approach, but with more flexibility. In future explorations, I'll use all of my own assets that will be purpose-built for the particular image or series, but for now I'm just using what I have available to develop the approach. If you're interested in this technique, follow me and send a note - I have no problem sharing :)
Digital ArtPaintingPhotography
For ADIM Conference 2015, I present a method to simulate aged paintings in the style of the Dutch Masters in the middle to high Renaissance. The focus of this technique is really in developing both the tone and texture, so I spent several months learning about how the materials age and the use of chiaroscuro in these early works. Photo and costume credit for Shakespeare portraits goes to Robert Lamarche ( (yes - he made the outfits!). Female portraits are courtesy of Fotolia stock. Detail crops are at 100% and 200%
Digital ArtPhotographyRetouching
Demonstration file from my book, The Hidden Power of Adjustment Layers (2013, Adobe Press). The image shows a painting simulation technique where mixer brushes are used on a mask instead of on the image directly.
Digital ArtFine ArtsIllustration
Brushed Ink
Experimenting with minimalist digital painting.
Digital ArtDigital Photography
One theme here is that of potential. All the elements are in place, but need the viewer to move from passive to active before potential is realized. I thought about naming this "Waiting", but of course someone had to place the cello in the first place. That someone is missing. 3D composite
Digital ArtDigital PhotographyIllustration
Love Letters
3D rendering done completely in Photoshop CC for Photoshop Dimensions Magazine. The wooden background is a photograph laid onto a textured 3D surface. Text is from Shakespeare's 18th and 19th sonnets.
Digital ArtIllustrationVisual Effects
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